Our Services

Our Services

We offer a variety of clinical services at Baliga Diagnostics encompassing cardiology and general medicine specialties.

Here is a brief outline of some of our services.

Clinical Consultations

We have over 55+ years combined experience in managing general medical, diabetes related and cardiology conditions at our clinic. Consultation by appointment only.

Cardiac Investigations

Ranging from a simple ECG to outpatient holter monitoring and ambulatory blood pressure recording, we pride ourselves on offering the best in outpatient cardiac care.

For information on individual investigations, click on any of the images below.

Fully Functioning Pathology Laboratory

We run a fully functioning pathology laboratory with an in-house pathologist supervising and running all activities. We maintain the highest standards, providing accurate and timely reports.

View our lab packages and services here.

Radiology and X-ray

Baliga Diagnostics is equipped with state of the art ultrasound and x-ray equipment to perform a variety of different ultrasound scans and xrays. Please note that we do not perform fetal sex determination studies at our premises.

To view our radiology services, click here.

Home Blood Collection

We understand that it can be hard to travel around for a simple blood test. We offer home collection services for blood tests at Baliga Diagnostics. For more information, contact 80737 01151 on Whatsapp. Terms and conditions apply.


We will be offering endoscopy services at our clinic shortly. Performed with appointment only.