Blood Tests

[heading font_size=”20px” color=”#284B80″]Blood tests form the essence of any medical investigations conducted for a clinical condition. They provide the treating physician with basic information regarding the patient’s physiology, pointing out infections and organ dysfunction. At Baliga Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., we offer our patients a wide selection of blood tests that help monitor and manage their underlying clinical condition.[/heading]

How is a blood test performed?

The procedure is simple. Blood samples are often drawn from a vein in the arm or the hand using a syringe and needle. A tourniquet is tied to the upper aspect of the arm in order to make the veins prominent. Once a vein is located, the skin over the vein is cleaned with antiseptic solution, and a sterile needle attached to a syringe is inserted into the vein. This can cause a mild stinging sensation that feels like a tight pinch.

Once the required amount of blood is drawn, the tourniquet is loosened and the needle is removed. The injection site is pressed upon with some cotton wool, and once the bleeding stops, it is covered with a small plaster.

How long does it take?

The entire process takes no more than a few minutes to perform. In cases where the lab is busy, you may need to wait a short while before it is your turn for a blood test.

What tests do you perform?

At Baliga Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., we are proud to offer our patients with a large selection of a number of different blood tests. These tests are helpful in diagnosing a number of different clinical conditions and are also useful as screening tests. You can take a look at all the tests we offer by clicking here or on the pdf document below.


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Arranging a blood test

In most cases, blood tests will be arranged when you come to see us for a consultation in clinic. However, they can also be arranged by giving us a call during our working hours. We also offer home collection of samples anywhere in Bangalore

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