We offer a variety of different blood tests and laboratory investigations that will aid quick diagnosis and treatment. Our trained laboratory staff are friendly and professional, making your experience relaxing and simple.

Below are a list of investigations that we provide to our patients –


1. Blood Tests

We offer a variety of different blood tests, ranging from complete blood counts to hepatitis serology and Mantoux tests. To see a full list of tests we offer, click here.

2. 24 hour holter recording

This test is used for patients who may be suffering from irregular heart beats or ‘thumping’ in the chest. It records the heart beat over a period of 24 hours, and allows the patient to indicate when they might be experiencing symptoms so that it may be co-related to the heart beat.

3. Ambulatory blood pressure recording

This test is used for patients who suffer from significant changes in their blood pressure and in making a diagnosis of hypertension in cases where it is not clear. It is a simple test that involves placing a blood pressure cuff around the arm that automatically inflates and deflates every hour, recording the blood pressure 24 times over a period of 24 hours. The test provides useful information regarding a patient’s blood pressure when they are in a familiar environment at home or at the office, without the stress of being at a doctor’s clinic.

4. Exercise treadmill testing

This test is performed to assess patients with chest pain or other cardiac symptoms to diagnose as to whether they have underlying coronary artery disease. It requires the patient to walk on a treadmill that is programmed to run at a particular speed. The patient’s heart beat and ECG are monitored throughout the test, and it provides valuable information regarding the circulation of blood around the heart. It is a useful test to assess future risk of heart attacks.

5. Echocardiography

Echocardiography is an ultrasound test that takes a detailed look at the structure and function of the heart muscle. The test provides useful information regarding the heart muscle, the flow of blood within the heart and structure and function of the valves. The test is performed for a number of different reasons, ranging from narrowing or leaking heart valves to pre-operative assessment before any form of surgery.

We are developing new services in the near future, so keep visiting our website for updates.

You can download our information booklet on ‘Tests for the heart’ by clicking here.