Home Nebulisers

Nebulisers are devices that convert medication into steam to help patients breathe it in directly into the lungs. They are useful for patients who suffer from wheezing (due to chest infections) or in patients who suffer from chronic lung disease. Below are a selection of nebulisers we recommend to our patients.


Philips Inspiration Elite Nebulizer

Rs. 1949 (Inclusive of taxes)


Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer

Rs. 1999 (Inclusive of taxes)


Omron NE-C25 Nebulizer

Rs. 1740 (Inclusive of taxes)



Bremed BD 5001 Nebulizer

Rs. 2150 (Inclusive of taxes)


Rossmax NA 100 Nebulizer

Rs. 1599 (Inclusive of taxes)


Omron NEC 801 Nebulizer

Rs. 2500 (Inclusive of taxes)



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