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Welcome to our online store. Here you can purchase quality home monitoring equipment that we recommend to our patients. Payment is secure and delivery is prompt as we handle all sales through the online retail giant FlipKart and Infibeam!

Take a look at the categories below and click on them to view the products.


Blood Pressure Monitors

Take a look at our selection of blood pressure monitors to record blood pressure at your convenience at home!


Blood Glucometers

Monitoring blood glucose levels at home is essential if you suffer from diabetes. Take a look at some of the best ones here.


Digital Thermometers

Got a fever? Check your temperature at home accurately with our wide selection of easy-to-use digital thermometers.


Home Nebulisers

Nebulisers are essential equipment to improve breathing in chronic lung disease. Take a look at what’s available right here.


Pulse Oximeters

An essential requirement in patients who are breathless. Monitors oxygen levels and pulse rate. Check out the range here.



Massagers can help relax muscles, reduce stress and improve blood flow. Take a look  at some of the best right here.


Fitness Equipment

Exercise is essential to keep the weight down and prevent heart disease. Here are selection of home exercise equipment just for that.

omron weighingscale 1

Weighing Scales

Obesity is a common problem in India, and it is essential to monitor your weight using weighing scales such as the ones we have listed on here.