BP Apparatus

Monitoring your blood pressure at home is essential if you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure. We have a selection of quality home blood pressure monitoring devices that you can securely purchase here. Take a look at them below. Please note – Delivery charges may apply.


Omron HEM 7201 Upper Arm BP Monitor

Rs. 2599 (Inclusive of taxes)


Omron HEM 7203 Upper Arm BP Monitor

Rs. 1850 (Inclusive of taxes)


Operon Comfort 623 Arm Type Bp Monitor

Rs. 1199 (Inclusive of taxes)



Omron HEM-7113 Upper Arm BP Monitor

Rs. 1299 (Inclusive of taxes)

rossmax-digital-bp-monitor-arm-aw150f-400x400-imad6ftycf2xdraj (1)

Rossmax AW150 Upper Arm BP Monitor

Rs. 1255 (Inclusive of taxes)


Rossmax MG150f Digital BP Monitor

Rs. 1400 (Inclusive of taxes)



Citizen CH 432 Upper Arm BP Monitor

Rs. 1399 (Inclusive of taxes)


Bremed BD 8200 Upper Arm BP Monitor

Rs. 1950 (Inclusive of taxes)


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