Blood Glucometers

Blood glucometers are gadgets that help patients suffering from diabetes mellitus keep an eye on their blood sugar at home. They are essential to help maintain complete control over one’s management of diabetes, and can aid treatment alterations if required. Below are some of the best devices that we recommend to our patients.


One Touch Select Glucose Monitor (10 Strips) Glucometer

Rs. 744 (Inclusive of taxes)


Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitor with 25 Strips Glucometer

Rs. 2088 (Inclusive of taxes)


Dr. Morepen BG 01 Glucose Monitor with 10 Strips Glucometer

Rs. 850 (Inclusive of taxes)


Accu-Chek Active Test Strips – 100 Glucometer

Rs. 1380 (Inclusive of taxes)


Accu-Chek Integra Glucometer

Rs. 1450 (Inclusive of taxes)


J&J OneTouch Ultra 2 Glucometer

Rs. 1520 (Inclusive of taxes)


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