Speciality Clinics

Cardiovascular disease is on the rise, and recent statistics have shown that women are affected equally to men. Our speciality clinics are aimed at diagnosing cardiac risk factors and managing them early and effectively.


Hypertension Clinic

Our Hypertension clinic involves not just screening for hypertension in patients who have a family history, but also involves active investigation and treatment of both secondary and essential hypertension. High blood pressure places the patient at a high risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney damage. We understand these risk and are here to offer you simple and effective treatment that spans lifestyle changes, exercise and medical therapy. Take a look further at what we offer inside by clicking on the link above. Consultation by appointment only.


Cardiac Risk Factor Clinic

There are a number of different risk factors that lead to the development of cardiovascular disease. A strong family history is a major risk factor, and we offer comprehensive screening programs for patients who have such a strong history. Our cardiac risk factor speciality clinic offers blood tests, X-rays, exercise treadmill tests and echocardiography and will provide the patient with a detailed analysis of their cardiac status and future risk of developing heart disease. Take a look at what we offer by clicking the link above. Consultation by appointment only.


Women’s Heart Care Clinic

In the last 10 years, the incidence of heart disease has risen significantly amongst South Asian women. Our heart health clinic aims at early detection of various risk factors amongst women that leads to the development of coronary artery disease and heart attacks. This clinic is specifically aimed at screening women between the ages of 30 years to 50 years. Give us a call today to receive further information and to book an appointment with us.